Welcome to the Yangshuo(West Street) Tai Ji Quan Health Centre
“Our aim is to provide the highest level of Yang and Chen Style Tai Chi and health Chi Kung training in the World”


The Wang Zhi Ping Tai Chi Training Centre
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An international school for the intensive study of Yang and Chen style Tai Chi located in China.

What do you really need to learn Tai Chi well?

-Personalised instruction from a top class teacher
with years of teaching experience.

-A quiet, beautiful environment with good Chi and enough personal space to relax.

-Lots of practice time with no distractions, to really let go, explore your personal reality and grow.

-A beautiful area to live in , with good hotels and restaurants at very affordable prices.

-Tai Chi training at an affordable price

Wang Zhi Ping is the principal of this Tai Chi School, and he is offering all of the above and more…

He has specialised in teaching mainly non-Chinese students for over twenty years and has great experience in teaching people of all nationalities

Wang Zhi Ping by the Li River in front of Yangshuo

Standing Pole Meditation on the Main
Outdoor Practice Area

Who is this website for?
We welcome Tai Chi and Chi Kung students of all levels from beginners with or without previous martial art experience to Yang style Tai Chi experts who want to move into Chen or those who need more time to develop and perfect their Chen and Health Chi Kung.
What we look for from students:
-The maturity, self – discipline and dedication to work hard towards your goals.

Tai Chi does not come easy…

-Time and patience

Time and patience are rare qualities but we can all allow ourselves to have them if we so choose.

-A level of physical health which allows Yang Tai Chi to be Practiced without personal danger.

All things are possible with time and effort…

Live your life

If you have a fast internet connection check out the school Introductory Video
Or browse through our Video Library
Chen Fah Jing Chen Lao Jia 2 Lu Simplified Yang 24 Competition Yang 42 Chen Sword Chen Sabre Pushing Hands Internal Qi Gong Ba Duan Jin

So why not learn Tai Chi……
The Yangshuo(West Street)Taiji Quan Health Centre,
Bao Quan Road,
Guangxi GuiLin,

Email us:

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